Our Service Offerings

Smart ICT

Provide responsive connectivity and infrastructure that builds both functionality and a foundation that enables smart services

  • Allow seamless integration for smart services
  • Support IP-based network
  • Scale according to demand and needs
  • Easy expansion of coverage and connectivity
Enhanced connected experience
  • Designed for high bandwidth usage
  • Multiple host of services

Smart Mobility

Solutions that leverage on technology to improve quality of life and inform decision making for people on the move

Enhance decision making for commuting
  • Provide real-time information to citizens so that they can arrive to an informed decision in planning their daily commute
  • Real-time traffic map & estimated travel time
Decrease traffic congestion
  • Traffic condition detection through sensors and video analytics
  • Adaptive traffic light signalling
Optimise management of Parking Spaces through use of sensors and smart kiosks
  • Optimise car park occupancy
  • Manage the spaces in a centralised manner to deliver a personalised experience to end users

Safety & Security

Keeping citizens safe and secure with integrated real-time systems

Improved security monitoring
  • 24/7 Centralised Monitoring and Response
  • Single interface across all different security platforms
  • Analytics to ensure important data is collected and analysed
Faster emergency response time
  • Situational awareness & real-time alerts
  • Accurate information and enforcement tools are made available to the operator
Enhanced crime prevention
  • Abandoned object detection
  • Prevention of sabotage and vandalism

Energy & Facility Management

Creating a comfortable and sustainable environment with cost savings

Increased user comfort and convenience
  • Personalised tenant environment control: temperature, lighting, entertainment, etc
  • Automated alerts to facility managers on maintenance schedules, energy utilisation or any operational metrics
Reduced operational cost through lower energy consumption
  • Alert user on energy consumption
  • Feedback loop to optimise energy systems
Optimised utilisation of assets & resources
  • Analysis on buildings systems to ensure operational efficiency e.g. elevator frequency
  • Staff & vendor management

Digital Signage

Improve service & personalised experience

Efficient way of advertising
  • Eliminate the need to print and distribute traditional signage
  • Shorter time to put up new advertisement
Intuitive dynamic content
  • Easy & centralised content management
  • Deliver personalised content to meet your demographic demand
Marketing insights
  • Collect data on purchasing behaviour
  • Measure advertising effectiveness

Citizen Portal

One-stop community centre for information and communication – promoting knowledge-sharing, business and innovation

Increased citizen/tenant satisfaction through a centralised communication platform
  • Single platform aggregating localised information, promotions and events
  • Analytics available to curate and visualise relevant information
Better community engagement
  • Complaints and reports are managed centrally through the portal
  • Interface to city/building e-services
Encourage local businesses development
  • Opportunity for businesses to promote services and collaborate
  • An online marketplace that enables the local merchants to provide and sell products electronically